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Fluent Network.Fluent is a network and agency that facilitates the next generation workplace, focused on co-creation1. It is a distributed, flexible, virtual network of top talent, which connects the best people with the most meaningful projects irregardless of physical location, and takes care of the incidental complexity and overhead of running great projects with great outcomes.

[1] Co-creation is when people come together with the primary purpose to make something larger than themselves, to join in a collaboration of creation and stand on the shoulders of giants. Cf with global themes like the Maker movement, and the Burning Man conference in Nevada.

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Fluent manifesto.We believe that work is part of life — life should not be lived in breaks between work. These are some of our core beliefs:

  • Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (AMP2) over hierarchies, forced promotions, and working without caring.
  • Fixed appetite and variable scope over fixed scope and false delivery dates.
  • Clear, honest, sustainable commitments over "move fast and break [both people and] things".
  • Minimizing and automating away overhead to focus on the essential complexities of a project over multitasking between workstuff and busystuff ad insaneum.
  • Meaningful projects over maximizing profits.
  • Long term thinking over short term panic.

[2] See the wonderful illustrated companion to Daniel Pink’s talk about Autonomy Mastery Purpose, made by the RSA.

Today’s technology makes it possible to do knowledge work, and soon almost all kinds of work, from practically anywhere. But many companies still think locally and narrowly about their "human resources"3, forcing people to work long hours in environments where focus and flow and unstress is not a priority.

[3] Our choice of words to replace the generic and loathed “human resource” and “consultant”, for all the important roles in a project, can be found below. The most critical role in our mind is the Builder — a person whose primary responsibility is to create and build new things.

We believe that humans are not resources, and that with the aid of great processes and tools a person can do their best work from wherever they feel they can do their best work.

Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose.

It is the core of what the Fluent Way is all about. Originated by Daniel Pink in his book Drive, AMP defines our core set of values at Fluent. It crystalises three critical things that motivate us humans to do our best work: the desire for freedom, the striving for constant learning and improvement, and a sense of meaning in whatever we do.

When all three values are met, at least in some way, this can result in the rarified state of flow — that optimum state of creativity, problem solving, and an overall sense of well-being and meaning in the world.

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